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Link Bait without even knowing it – a case study of


Is link bait easier than you might think? Over the past 24 hours there has been huge interest in “Mr. Cake”, a former employee at Stansted Airport who extraordinarily quit his role using a cake instead of paper to write his letter of resignation.
resignation cake

The photo of the cake went viral on most social platforms and I will go through some points about how the attention has developed into perfect link bait – without Mr. Cake even realising!

Big news

The photo of the cake, along with the story, has gathered large amounts of attention by the media across the UK. The BBC have even picked up the story on their website (although unfortunately without a link to his website) along with other big national media organisations like The Guardian, Fox News, Huffington Post, Metro and many more.

Turning media attention into Link Bait

I wanted to do some research to look at how many organic and natural links have been built back to but unfortunately it is too soon for the likes of Open Site Explorer, AHRefs & MajesticSEO to have this data yet so I will come back to this at some point soon. One thing is for certain, after a manual check just looking through Google News I can see around 45 (before I got bored) “follow” links from very well regarded news websites.

Too much traffic? gone down

The attention drawn to the situation has obviously been so large that the website has gone down! I’m sure this is something he will want to resolve as quickly as possible.

OK. So what’s my point?

I want SEO’s to take note and pay attention. SEO’s are always obsessed with link building instead of link earning. They put lots of effort into directory submissions, guest blogging, testimonials and any other form of building links that they can think of. I’m not one to say that this technique is wrong. What I am saying is that SEO’s should take note of situations like this and think outside the box. Develop a link bait strategy. Earn your links by doing something that people will want to link to.

Some industry’s might find earning links hard and I understand the issues that you might face better than most. Just remember that hard certainly doesn’t equal impossible. Over the coming weeks I will provide some case study’s of actual link bait ideas that I have implemented along with my team and provide real hard data to show that it is possible to build links in any industry and even have fun while you are at it. The results speak for themselves.


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