I have been speaking with David Gire from BraveMedia through social platforms for a while now and decided to offer him the opportunity to answer a few questions I could conjure up and send his way.

BraveMedia is an Inbound Marketing Agency based in Dublin, Ireland which offers a range of services including, SEO, PPC, social media management, content creation and website design. I just love gathering data and David’s views are interesting.


If you were part of the Google webspam team, what other signals/metrics you would consider as a ranking factor apart from links?

As we have seen with the Panda algorithm, content has become a very important ranking factor which has been a good thing. If I was part of the Google webspam team I would put more of an emphasis on customer/client reviews, however this could and will prove difficult because reviews can be easily manipulated.

Do you think links will lose value over time?

Yes. Links have been slowly but surely losing value over the years and I think that this will continue. It is hard to say if they will ever completely lose all value but it is something that everyone working in SEO will be following closely.

How do you think Google determines the quality of writing and grammar in articles?

I think that even Google finds it difficult to determine quality of writing and grammar in content but I am sure they are working hard to improve how their robots read content.

Do you believe Google Plus will have a major impact on SERP’s?

There is no doubt that Google Plus is becoming more and more important, whether it deserves to have as much of an impact as it appears to be having is another thing completely.

Do you believe social media can work in any industry? For example, window locks or paper.

I believe social media can work in almost any industry, there is no doubt though that it is more beneficial and successful in certain industries. If you create good content and share it with users they will follow/like your business, this may not necessarily convert into leads or sales but it will create brand awareness.

Do you think spamming tactics will ever come to an end, or even decline?

I think that Google are making progress in terms of spamming tactics and that these tactics are not as successful as they used to be. However they will never come to an end as there are always ways around these things.

How many spamming techniques have you used to try to rank pages in the past?

I wouldn’t say that I have used spamming techniques but a lot of techniques that were used by most SEO’s in the past to rank pages would probably be considered spamming techniques nowadays.

Would you buy links if you could guarantee that you would never get caught?

No, I regularly get offered links in exchange for money and completely disagree with this practice and would not pay anybody for a link.

What is your stand on guaranteed results SEO services?

You cannot make guarantees in this industry so I would tell people to be wary of any SEO agency that guarantees you any results.

What the first thing you check when you open your laptop?

My emails then social media.

What is your favourite social platform?


A big question I get asked a lot; “Why do you sell SEO services and/or work in SEO? If you were that good, surely you would rank your own websites and make your own money?”

I enjoy working as part of a team in an SEO agency not only for the challenge but also the opportunity to work with many different clients in many different industries.

What is the closest method to black hat optimisation that you currently practice?

We do not practice any black hat optimisation at BraveMedia, we like to be completely transparent with our clients and to play by the rules. Black hat techniques are becoming less and less successful nowadays as a result of Google’s algorithms, this is a good thing for the SEO industry.

What time do you call it a day at in the evening?

I start early in the morning so I try to get finished up by about 6pm. However because of Smartphones and tablets it means that I work all the way until bed-time, either e-mailing or doing social media work.

Have you had to deal with a client who has received unnatural link warnings? If so, how did it go?

No, I have not. Although I have worked with many clients recently who have previously employed SEO companies who used black hat techniques which meant that I had a lot of links to disavow which could have been damaging to their websites.

What is your stand on negative SEO and would you ever resort to it?

Myself and the team here would all disagree with participating in this type of activity, have not and will not ever resort to it.

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