Google Analytics is an invaluable asset for any web marketing team. There are some amazing things you can do in Analytics which might not appear so obvious at first. Once you discover the potential of custom variables you will be blown away with all the extra data you can gather.

So What Is A Custom Variable?

Your Analytics account already tracks plenty of visitor data as standard. If you like, you can log-in and quickly check where your visitors reside, what search term they entered into Google to find your website, which website referred them, whether they are new or returning and plenty more. There are also other things you might want to keep track of too, this is where custom variables comes in. A custom variable gives you the flexibility to customize Google Analytics and gather the most important visitor data for your business.

You might already be comfortable with custom variables but if not then take a little time out of your day and spend an hour or so reading Google’s own guide, it will give you an idea of the basics of using custom variables and segmenting reports and how to implement them.

This post was written by Matt Janaway on Search Engine People. To read the full post click here.


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