It can be unsettling when you log in-to Google Analytics and see a dip in the number of visitors landing on your site. A feeling of worry is likely; a small traffic drop could signify a larger issue and this drop could be the start of an avalanche. It could be that your website has been affected by one of Google’s latest algorithm updates. Alternatively, it could just be a naturally occurring blip; unfortunately blips do happen every now and then.

For a seasoned SEO, it might be possible to figure out whether the website in question has been hit by an algorithm update or a data refresh, but the same might not necessarily apply for most company CEOs or Directors. Fear and confusion might set-in and not being sure whether to press the panic button could potentially make things worse.

This post was written by Matt Janaway on Search Engine People. To read the full post click here.


Traffic loss or penalty- - When to call in
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