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The best SEO blogs – my collection


I was having a quick chat with Steven Sefton earlier today through his website comments system and we discussed any SEO blogs that I could recommend so I thought I would whip up a list of the places where I like to go to read (all pulled in from my Feedly reader).

I haven’t included my entire Feedly list as some blogs in there aren’t updated too regularly and I’m sure I have missed loads of good blogs out – including sites like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal etc.

I’m happy to collect suggestions should anybody have any.

The Best SEO Blogs

Bruce Clay Blog
Point Blank SEO
Quick Sprout
SEER Interactive
SEOMoz User Generated Blog
SEOMoz Blog
SEO By The Sea
Smart Insights


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By stephen john - 4 August 2014 Reply

Hey great dude. This is what I was searching for. Thanks for sharing it.

By Matt Janaway - 4 August 2014 Reply

No problems at all, Stephen! I’m glad you can find a use for the list.

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