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What is happening at SEOMoz?

I’m excited. Granted, that does happen quite often. This time it’s different though and I think it has been brought on mainly by anticipation. There are some goings-on over at and with SEOmoz and it has me feeling giddy.

It all started a few weeks ago when I ran out of keywords in my SEOmoz account. I was a little frustrated as I don’t come close to hitting the limit on any other limitation of the account other than keywords. I have 1000, I could do with 5000.

I decided to whip up a little meme for the attention of +Rand Fishkin. It was just for fun really but I think he might have enjoyed it. What was interesting was his reply:
Matt Janaway - Google+_1
OK so nothing crazily exciting here. I expected exactly what Rand mentioned, a keyword limit increase. However, a few days later I noticed a change in the website over at “BEEP BEEP. The secret’s out. We’re launching something really big!”. Putting 2 and 2 together I assumed that Rand’s comment might be linked with the “big launch”.

Since then, Moz have taken over the @moz twitter account from another twitter user and are promoting the post via Facebook. They seem to be pushing it pretty hard. There have also been a few posts by Rand in Google Plus telling people to sign up to see what the news is all about as soon as they reveal more information.

Moz (Moz) on Twitter


So what’s the news? I don’t know. I really don’t. I’d like to guess at there being an overhaul in the features of the pro/paid accounts. It could be a new feature altogether. It could be a new UI. One thing is for sure, I’m a little bit like a kid waiting for Christmas (sad, I know!).

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2 Responses to “What is happening at SEOMoz?”

By Scott Krager - 16 May 2013 Reply

I’m excited too. Should be cool to see what they launch. In the meantime, we just released a native iPhone app to check your rankings anytime, and you can track 1K keywords daily at SERPs. If you’d like a coupon code for some extra keywords I can get that to you tonight…no need to wait ~30 days : )

By Matt Janaway - 16 May 2013 Reply

Sounds interesting. Fire me a mail on it, I don’t mind reviewing it either and getting some bits up on the site.

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