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Learn more about Matt Janaway, a digital marketing professional from Nottingham, UK

I am a digital & online entrepreneur and marketer, specialising in the retail & eCommerce arena. I have built, purchased, optimised multiple eCommerce businesses and I’m now heading a team project optimising 30 websites with over 20,000 products. I consider my methods, scientific and incredibly advanced.


In addition to my own blog, I write and contribute on various websites within the digital marketing area, some of these include moz.com, searchenginepeople.com, smartinsights.com, socialmediatoday.com and many more of the worlds largest digital marketing websites. If you are interesting in my writing, please contact me to discuss.


Being part of the digital marketing community is fantastically enjoyable, even more so when you get to travel and meet like-minded marketers. Occasionally I receive requests to talk at seminars, be part of expert panels and be part of judging teams. Two recent events I’m attending are the Spark Notts finale and to be on an expert Q&A panel at the Online Retail Events ceremony.

Awards & Accreditation’s

I am a contributor at the Google Webmasters Forum as well as being a contributor at moz.com. In addition to this, myself and my team won three Online Retail Awards in a row. I am also a full member at moz.com, majesticseo.com, ravenools.com, ahrefs.com & semrush.com and have been accredited as a Link Research Tools associate.


As of the time of writing this, I am proud to have had an impact on my peers. According to my LinkedIn profile, I now have over 2000 endorsements from fellow professionals.


Awards & Accreditations

Online Retail Award

The ORA (or Online Retail Awards) is the pinnacle of the web in the UK. The awards are very well respected and are incredibly hard to win. Through lots of work and some amazing achievements, my team managed to win the award 3 years in a row, from 2013 onwards.


Link Research Tools

I have had the priveledge to have tested just about every piece of SEO software on the market. Anything new that comes along I usually get a chance to give it a go. So far, nothing comes close to what Link Research Tools have built. I am proud to have been honoured with the Link Research Tools Associate certificate.


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