After watching today’s Whiteboard Friday on SEOMoz I scrolled down to view the comments. I noticed something which filled me with admiration and inspired me to write a post which could be regarded as much more casual than the other stuff you will see around here. This post is all about famous mustaches. Inspired by Brahmadas.

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There is something about a mustache. On one hand, they can be sort of cringy. Unless it was for charity, I don’t think I’d have the balls. You have to be a real man to pull it off. You have to have a certain swagger about you and have an attitude of ignorance. On the other hand, a mustache is one of the real symbols of man. Wearing one shows that you can take anything that life throws at you like water off a ducks back. It can look angry. It can look elegant. It can look suave. It portrays your character and there are some celebrities that have thrived from that connection. With safety razor kit its possible create every possible look. Take Hulk Hogan, Bruce Grobbelaar or Dog The Bounty Hunter as examples. They wouldn’t be themselves without the their famous mustaches and I’d like to bet that you wouldn’t even recognise them if you saw them in the street.

Gone out of fashion

Mustaches seem to have fallen from grace (in the UK at least). They are regarded as old fashioned now. Due to this and just for fun, I thought I would have a look back through my memory bank and pick my favourite famous mustaches from history. I’m sure I will have missed plenty of the most famous mustaches out of my list but this is my list. So I don’t care!

1. Bruce Grobbelaar, 2. Ian Botham, 3. Hitler, 4. Keith Lemon, 5. Freddie Mercury, 6. Borat, 7. Carlos Valderama, 8. Hulk Hogan, 9. Ned Flanders, 10. Daniel Day Lewis (Whilst appearing in Gangs of New York).

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