I have loads of themes sat in my Google Drive folder, mainly of the WordPress variety. I own roughly 100 websites now so have a good selection of themes is essential. Here’s a link to my favourite themes (or theme providers).


Elegant Themes have a huge amount of great looking and functional WordPress themes. The talent is there for all to see. The price is pretty astonishing too, you can get access to every single one of their 83 themes (this number is growing too!) for just £24 a year.


Themify came on-to my radar a year or so back but for some reason I ignored them, probably because I was smitten with Elegant Themes at the time. Since then however, I have become a paid member and I don not regret that decision one bit. Their themes are excellent and backed by an amazing page builder plugin. A yearly package works out at around £43.


Hosting is obviously the pivot of any website. A fast website is becoming more and more important due to the emphasis Google are putting on website usability and in order to have quick loading speeds, you need a good server!


It’s difficult to explain just how good these guys are without making it sound like an advert. In 10 years, I have yet to find a hosting provider that are anywhere near as efficient as Vidahost and their prices are excellent. If you ever need to contact them their response times are incredible (I once received an email reply in 21 seconds!)


A Small Orange have been recommended to me on multiple occasions and I finally bowed down to peer pressure in 2013. The prices are very good and the service levels are impeccable. For me, Vidahost JUST pip it in the service department but that’s mainly because Vidahost are UK based. For my website visitors over the pond I would certainly recommend A Small Orange.


This is where it all starts. I don’t know of any of my peers who don’t have loads of domain names (lots of them doing nothing!). I like to recommend domain registrars on two simple metrics; price and service.

123 REG

123Reg have an amazingly easy account user interface which is quick and easy to navigate. Their prices are pretty good (although I wouldn’t go for their hosting or SSL certificates). Response times are a little slow if you want to email them but I would recommend using their live chat if you need a quick reply.


Go Daddy are huge overseas but don’t seem to carry the same reputation in the UK. However, their prices are good and their service levels are pretty decent too. Watch out for their silly offers, I bagged a .com domain name for 50p not long ago!

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