Matt has a knowledge of SEO that is second to none – this expertise was built up whilst managing a number of highly successful online businesses. He is always on the look out for new and original ideas to promote the website and comes up with some immense suggestions. Along with this creativity, Matt also pays close attention to detail especially when it comes to analysing complicated information. June 21, 2012

Richard Bloomfield

Website Editor, MoneyMoz

Matt is one of the very few good guys in online marketing. Most use smoke-screens to try baffle you with all sorts of technical jargon but Matt has a way of explaining things which anyone could understand. I really don’t know where my company would be without his advice and help – might I add that Matt did not take any payment from me, he helped me out the good of his heart after I desperately posted in the Google Webmasters Forum needing help after my website was hit by Google Panda. He would often email me late at night explaining things to me and encouraging me to do the right thing. June 2013

Shawn Nichols

Project Manager

I was astonished by Matts drive and passion for online marketing when we first spoke. SEO was not something I knew much about but after speaking with Matt it became much clearer. Really nice guy, I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing business or marketing advice. June 2013

Carla Sims

Senior Account Manager

There isn’t much I can say about Matt without it sounding over the top. Most recommendations on LinkedIn seem fake to me but on this occasion it genuinely deserves a shining report. The extent to which Matt has helped my business is something that only I could understand. I was heading into danger after being hit by dreaded Google algorithm updates and my business was in serious decline. Not only did Matt help me halt the decline in rankings but with his advice I even turned it around and now enjoy a healthy business. Matt went well over and above what I would have expected him to and it felt like he really cared about me and my business. June 2013

George Lawrence

Marketing Manager

Working with Matt it was clear that providing quality of customer experience was his primary objective. He understands the business of online retail and the importance of nurturing the ‘value chain’ in delivering what was, in Dension’s case, a more complex offering to the customer. A great business partner! On a personal level, I found Matt to be committed, energetic and someone who makes things happen. March 2012

Carolyn Johnson

Business Consultant

Matt is always up to date with his extensive knowledge of SEO. He constantly thinks outside the box and is forever coming up with creative ways of getting our company noticed; not only by Google but the customers too. He is an indespensible asset to any web team. June 2012

Chris Lane

Freelance Videographer

I was only at Central Source for a short time but in that time found Matt very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable in his field and other aspects. I felt that if i needed to know something, I only had to ask. It made it a pleasure to work with such nice people. November 2012

Lisa Etheridge

Senior Artworker

Before I worked with Matt I tried over 40 so-called SEO professionals and every single one made so many promises but failed to deliver. The thing I liked about Matt was his honesty and work ethic. I was drawn to him because a few people in the SEO industry recommended him to me and I was instantly impressed from the first time we spoke. He spent an entire week looking through my Google Analytics account and giving me a list of over 20 issues that were effecting my website. After his advise and him helping me implement changes, I saw some serious traffic growth. June 2013

Maria Stevens

Freelance Consultant

I first connected with Matt 4 years ago after I called him to offer my own services to his business. It soon became apparent that his knowledge well surpassed my own and after a 45 minute conversation I felt like I could call him whenever I needed. We probably speak via email once or twice a month and every now and then (when I need advice) we have a chat on the phone. The way he soaks up data and tests some amazing ideas to help search results is way beyond my scope. It really is a pleasure to know Matt on a level where I can learn so much about something I would already consider myself an expert in. June 2013

Pamela Bastain

SEO Manager

It’s great to work with Matt. He is a person with extensive general knowledge and excellency to become an ‘SEO Guru’. His knowledge on web optimisation is absolutely amazing. Matt is, many times, our ‘handy-tech-man’ at work and always willing to help others. June 2012

Sheetal Gaware

Graphic Designer

I have known Matt for some time and we have kept in contact through various roles of both mine and his. There is nobody else I would ever consider turning to should I need advice on any ecommerce matter – and that should lay testament to his knowledge and experience considering I am a web professional myself with 15 years experience. June 2012

Thomas Polk

Managing Partner

I have been in close contact with Matt over the last couple of years due to various projects we have needed his experience and advice on. I find it astonishing how knowledgeable he is. I have been in this industry a long time but nobody I have ever spoken to manages to soak up the kind of information that Matt does. What set’s Matt apart from the rest is that he then uses this information to really make a difference. June 2013

Amy Vegara


Matt is a brilliant writer of fantastic content. He has a great feel for writing articles that are suited to modern online publishing. He works to deadlines and is a pleasure to work with. October 2012

Brenda Cuby

Online Consultant

Matt is a dependable, reliable and enthusiastic individual who always strives to offer the best service to his customers and partners alike. I have worked with Matt for several years and have always found him to be professional, honest and trustworthy. His enthusiasm for the industry is clear in the excellency of his business and success from day 1. I thoroughly look forward to working with Matt on current and future projects and wish him every success! April 2012

Daniel Harris


Matt is a great person to work with, we would not be where we are today if he did not share our vision and drive to succeed in such a competitive Market. He is focused, helpful and has vision. December 2011

Gurjit Singh

Store Manager

Matthew was fantastic to work with, he knew what he wanted and is very driven in trying to achieve his goals for the business. Working together we helped implement cost saving solutions which will also save money and mean the workforce are making the most of their working day. Matt’s enthusiasm and drive will take the business to great heights. A pleasure to work with. December 2010

James Hewitt

InfoSec Consultant

I only worked with Matt for a week but feel that I have known him much longer. In that week I learned so much about search rankings, so much so that I created my first website. I pester him every now and then for some tips and he never fails to give me the time of day. You would have thought he would get fed up with my constant questioning but he seems to have so much patience. Matt is very rational and every decision is well thought-out. He analyses every possible outcome of any decision to ensure that nothing can go wrong. Top man! June 2012

Kimberly Yates

Public Relations

Matt’s knowledge about SEO is way beyond a reasonable level. I thought I had a decent website until Matt tore it apart. My conversion rates went through the roof and I had to hire 3 extra people in my sales department to cope with all the calls… You owe me $60,000 because of this, Matt! Seriously though, he really knows his stuff. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone needing his help. June 2013

Lydia Hyles

Community Manager

Matt and I have worked together on various projects over the last two years so I consider myself to be perfectly placed to recommend him. He has plenty of strengths when it comes to anything web and eCommerce and using his advice, we managed to increase visitors, conversion rates and revenue by a huge amount. Jun 2013

Marti Slinde

Communications Consultant

I have been working with Matt and his team for around 4 years. The channel we operate in has been very competitive and you need to be on the top of you game to stay ahead.  Matt is a guy that is always very proactive in what ever he turns his hand to. He understands that when a market changes, the business sometime needs to be ahead of the game. Matt will always operate in a structured and well thought out manner to be number 1 in his field.

Peter Oughton

Product Manager

Matt has a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field which is immediately evident, so this plus his enthusiasm seems to radiate as soon as you engage into a conversation. He is creative and personable, so is a pleasure to be in his company. August 2011

Sydney Smelt

Immigration Expert

Matt is my SEO Mentor.. I always asked him advice on what proper SEO to implement to improve our website rankings. He is always willing to answer all my questions with humor sometimes! lol But yeah! He is really a good mentor a true SEO Expert! Not like other SEO Experts who are just pretending to be an expert but they’re not! He is not just a mentor, but a good friend as well! So, I highly recommend Matt! 🙂

Ken Villegas

SEO Specialist, Concise Media Branding Ltd

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